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New Mobile Courses: Intermediate Python & Intro to SQL!

Gabriel de Selding,
January 22, 2018 min read
We launched 2 new courses today, intermediate Python and intro to SQL - available on our mobile app!

Hello - big announcement today as we've launched two new courses on the DataCamp mobile app! The two courses are Introduction to SQL & Intermediate Python! Both of these courses will teach you vital skills to become a data scientist.

Intermediate to Python

Level up your data science skills by creating visualizations using matplotlib and manipulating data frames with Pandas.

  1. Matplotlib
    Learn to build various types of plots and how to customize them.
  2. Dictionaries & Pandas
    Learn about dictionaries and how to work with tabular data using the Pandas DataFrame.
  3. Logic Control Flow and Filtering
    Learn about different comparison operators, control structures and how to filter Pandas DataFrames.
  4. Loops
    Learn how to execute code repeatedly with for and while loops.
  5. Random Numbers
    Learn how to use random numbers to simulate throwing dice.

Introduction to SQL

Master the basics of querying databases with SQL, the world's most popular databasing language.

  1. Selecting Columns
    A brief introduction to working with relational databases.
  2. Filtering Rows
    Learn how to filter tables for rows satisfying some criteria of interest.
  3. Aggregate Functions
    Learn about aggregate functions to summarize your data and gain useful insights.
  4. Sorting and Grouping
    Learn how to sort and group your results.

You can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play Store!