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Thank You, New Learners!

Martijn Theuwissen,
May 26, 2020 min read
If you got hooked on DataCamp during our first-ever Free Week, you can now purchase a discounted annual subscription—and we’ll donate one to someone impacted by COVID-19!

DataCamp’s Free Week has come to a close, and what a week it has been. We’ve been excitedly monitoring activity on our platform!

Over 135,000 new learners were motivated to start their journey on DataCamp to hone their data skills and future-proof their careers. In just seven days, they started 421,975 courses, 8,993 Signal skill assessments, and spent 681,970 hours on the platform. We now have learners from 189 countries, with India and the US leading the pack. And during Free Week, about 70% of learners rated our learning materials a solid 5 out of 5! The most popular courses were Introduction to Python, Introduction to R, and Introduction to SQL.

We’d like to send a special thank you to our community of instructors and longtime learners who helped us spread the word: You’ve helped us reach thousands of learners who may not have heard about Free Week otherwise!

To all of our new learners, we hope you consider subscribing to DataCamp to continue the amazing work you've started with us. For the next seven days, we’re offering a steeply discounted annual subscription—you can start saving now! And for every annual subscription purchased, we’ll donate one to someone impacted by COVID-19. [1]

Once again, thank you to everyone for trying us out, sharing the news, and volunteering your feedback. You’re helping us in our mission to democratize data skills around the world. We hope you’ll continue to join us on this journey!

[1]: With the support of our partners, we'll match every annual subscription sold during this promo to provide one year of free access to DataCamp to someone financially affected by COVID-19. Distribution details will be announced on our blog in July.