Cheat Sheets


Jupyter Notebook Cheat Sheet

September 19th, 2017This Jupyter Notebook cheat sheet will help you to find your way around the well-known Jupyter Notebook App, a subproject of Project Jupyter.
data visualization

Python Seaborn: Statistical Data Visualization

August 29th, 2017A Seaborn cheat sheet with the five basic steps to create beautiful statistical graphs in Python.

PySpark Cheat Sheet: Spark DataFrames in Python

June 15th, 2017This PySpark SQL cheat sheet is your handy companion to Apache Spark DataFrames in Python and includes code samples.
data manipulation

The data.table R Package Cheat Sheet

June 8th, 2017The data.table cheat sheet helps you master the syntax of this R package, and helps you to do data manipulations.

xts Cheat Sheet: Time Series in R

May 17th, 2017Tackle time series in R with this xts (Extensible Time Series) cheat sheet!