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Exploring Polling Data in R

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Open Course Description

Polls can be an incredibly valuable tool for understanding politics and are a central component of campaign analysis from policy experts, commentators, and even the candidates themselves. In this course you’ll explore the uses of polling data by examining summary statistics and visualizations of polls from the 2016 Republican and Democratic primaries using base R plots, the ggplot2 package, and the googleVis package.

Chapter 1: Exploring Polling Data in R

This chapter will show you how to explore, refine, and visualize a sample of polling data from the 2016 primaries. You'll start with simple visualizations using base R commands before proceeding to more complicated plots in the ggplot2 package. The final exercises teach you how to generate maps in R using the maps package and the googleVis package.

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Matthew Isaacs
Matthew Isaacs is a course development intern at DataCamp and a PhD candidate in Political Science at Brandeis University. His research uses time series methods to understand political violence and civil war.