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Getting and Cleaning Data with swirl

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This course contains all lessons from swirl's Getting and Cleaning Data course. Learn how to use dplyr, tidyr, and lubridate all inside RStudio.

Chapter 1: Working with dplyr

Two swirl lessons on working with data using dplyr, a package that provides a consistent and concise grammar for manipulating tabular data.

Chapter 2: Cleaning Messy Data

This chapter introduces two useful packages for cleaning messy data: tidyr and lubridate.

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Nick Carchedi
Prior to leading the Content Partnerships team at DataCamp, Nick earned his master's degree at Johns Hopkins Biostatistics and worked as a data scientist for McKinsey. Nick's passion for teaching data science began in graduate school, where was heavily involved in tutoring fellow students, developing the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization, and building the swirl R package.