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Plotly Tutorial: Plotly and R

8 Exercises 1 hour 2,170 Participants 800 XP

Open Course Description

This Plotly tutorial will show you how you can use plotly to easily create stunning data visualizations with R. Impress your boss, co-workers and friends with interactive, high quality charts and graphs today!

Chapter 1: Getting Started With Plotly

This chapter will introduce you to plotly and how you can use R and plotly together to create stunning data visualizations.

Chapter 2: Getting Fancy With Plotly

In this chapter you will bring your plotly skills to the next level. Learn how to use plotly to create heatmaps and 3D surface plots, a choropleth map, and how to add slides. There is even a short meet and greet with ggplotly, the interactive sister of ggplot2.

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The DataCamp Team
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