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R for the Intimidated


This course will introduce you to the very basics of R from running simple functions to manipulating datasets and creating graphs. This course is designed for people with very little or no programming experience at all.

Introduction to Course and RStudio

This chapter contains videos that walks you through what a programming language is, and how to install RStudio on your computer.

Getting Started With Data Structures in R

In this chapter, you'll be introduced to some basic functions and data structures.

Installing Packages, Importing and Cleaning Data

In this chapter, you'll be introduced to some of the most popular packages in R, learn how to import your dataset, and some techniques to clean your dataset!

Data Visualization Techniques

In this chapter, you'll learn about the syntax to make data visualizations using some of R's most popular graphics packages.

Data Manipulation

In this chapter, you'll learn how to manipulate your data in order to not only make better graphs, but also making your data graphable in the first place.

Final Project

In this last chapter, you will combine everything you've learned in this course to work on a final project using the volcanoes dataset.