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Basketball Analytics: Using Player Tracking Data and R

Karlijn Willems,
July 23, 2016 min read
Check out Alexander D'Amour's talk on how to use player tracking data and R to do basketball analytics

In this talk, Alexander D'Amour will discuss several projects undertaken by him and the XY Research group that use newly-available spatial data to work toward answering fundamental questions about basketball. Topics covered in this talk include expected possession value (a.k.a. EPV, or a stock-ticker for a possession), defensive shot charts, the impact of ball movement, and play detection.




About the speaker

Alexander D'Amour is the acting Neyman Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley and an active member of the XY Research group, which conducts research in sports statistics with a focus on player-tracking data. He is also a founding partner of Damyata, LLC, a Data Science consultancy. This talk was recorded at the Boston Machine Learning meetup on 07/11/2016. 


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