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Marki Perú and DataCamp Team Up to Digitize Micro-entrepreneurs

A DataCamp Donates learner from Peru shares his journey developing his data analysis skills to achieve greater social welfare in his country.

The world stage of health crisis has undoubtedly generated that all people in their daily lives find themselves in the need to increase the use of technological platforms and tools; it is in this context, where I decided to further expand my knowledge regarding the use of technological tools, since this undoubtedly contributes to facilitating the daily tasks that are carried out on a daily basis.

So when I learned about Marki, I loved the idea and did not hesitate to join. It is a nonprofit association that seeks to contribute to the digitalization of microenterprises through advice provided by volunteers. By belonging to Marki, I was able to easily learn about digital marketing; The most remarkable thing about this experience was the dynamics that existed in the learning process, because not only did I learn from expert mentors, but I also reinforced what I had learned with other fellow volunteers, then managed to advise another micro-entrepreneur myself. Additionally, one of the benefits of belonging to Marki was that I got a “DataCamp Donates” membership, which consisted of accessing one year of free access to DataCamp’s courses, considered to be one of the best platforms for learning data science in the world. When I found out about this, I asked Marki's administrative team without hesitation to have free access to the DataCamp, as it would prove quite useful for those who, like me, are convinced of the use of digital tools and data analysis to achieve business growth over time.

So my advice would be: if you’re like me and you find yourself interested in specializing more in the use of business intelligence tools and in the areas of analysis and data science; do not hesitate to take advantage of the DataCamp membership that Marki can offer you to continue growing professionally.

So far, I have developed R and Python courses related to the Data Analyst Career Track. This is helping me to develop the statistical part of my thesis project; whose theme addresses the study of the socioeconomic determinants of crime in Peru. In that sense, in my thesis I have put into practice what I learned about Ron Datacamp, in aspects such as database management (use of data from the ENAHO), operationalization of variables, and analysis of correlations and regressions; this has allowed me to develop a deep analysis of my data and obtain favorable results to the hypotheses of my research.

In a similar manner, I am now confident enough that in the medium term I will be able to form groups that will allow me to participate in hackathons that seek to solve social problems.

For now, I have participated in the first “Seedbed” of 2021, carried out by the organization Data Science Research Perú. In that seedbed I developed a project that sought the implementation of a supervised classification model to perform a Sentiment Analysis based on the techniques of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and was able to gauge approval rates for the educational program Beca 18.

The results were favorable, and my project was one of the eight finalists. I was able to achieve this result in part because of the courses that I took on DataCamp. First of all, the project was developed using Python, and in my case everything I know about Python I learned from DataCamp. On the other hand, the courses that I took related to the topic of Sentiment Analysis on DataCamp allowed me to understand fundamental concepts such as data preprocessing, the Bag of Words matrix, TF-IDF transformation and the use of different supervised classification models.

Finally, for everything mentioned in this article, I’m very thankful for the opportunity that Marki and DataCamp gave me to improve my data analysis skills. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Sergio Abanto is an economist who is ready to collaborate in projects that contribute to achieving greater welfare and social development of the people and families of Peru.

Marki Perú is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote digitizing micro and small businesses in Peru through education. With the help of digital marketing and e-commerce experts, we train university students who volunteer to assess micro-entrepreneurs in their path of digitizing their businesses.