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A new interactive interface for learning R online, for free

April 13th, 2015 in R Programming

Using the open-source swirl project and RStudio server, DataCamp has created an exciting new online learning interface. Discover a fun collection of free interactive R tutorials covering basic R functions, the apply-family, base graphics, data structures and much more.

Together with the team behind swirl, we want to make it fun and easy to learn R programming and data science. In this new online learning environment, you discover the power of R step-by-step. Work your way through fun and interactive coding challenges. Everything takes place in the comfort of your own browser, so no set-up needed.

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Learn by doing

You probably did not learn how to ride the bike by reading a book, or by watching a movie. The same is true for R and data science. You learn-by-doing. Each swirl lesson focuses on solving data science problems via fun coding challenges.

Real Life Environment

Tomorrow you need to tackle real-life data science problems, so today you need to practice in a real-life environment. Therefore, each course takes place in an online version of the RStudio IDE, R's most popular integrated development environment.

Flip the cards

Learning shouldn't be dull. That's why we did our best to make the learning experience as engaging and interactive as possible. Get your assignments in bite-size chunks, and work your way through the cards while learning one of the most fundamental job skills of the future.Discover it yourself.  


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