R documentation and R manuals from GitHub and Bioconductor on Rdocumentation

As of today, you can search Rdocumentation not only for CRAN packages, but also for the R documentation and R manuals available on GitHub and Bioconductor. This is our largest update yet, and brings us one step closer to creating  a central place for all R documentation related info and questions.

Today, the rise of alternatives to CRAN package management system (Bioconductor, GitHub, ...) can make finding and installing packages tedious. Documentation for CRAN packages is on cran.r-project.org, documentation for Bioconductor packages is on bioconductor.org, etc.

In addition, there is the current tendency of package developers to no longer (immediately) release their packages on CRAN, but to make use of GitHub. Just think of well-known packages such as ggvis and slidify that are only available on GitHub.  While the most popular GitHub R packages are passed on by word of mouth,  many good packages that are not on CRAN remain relatively unknown. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have an overview of all these packages that remain obscure in their GitHub repositories?R documentation and R manualsWith this latest update, we aim to address these problems. Rdocumentation now supports automatic adding and updating of R documentation and R manuals from both Bioconductor and GitHub, making us effectively the first R documentation aggregator that combines these sources into one searchable website.If you have other suggestions, feel free to contact us via info@datacamp.com.

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