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Watch a Demo - DataCamp Business Features

September 19th, 2016 in Announcements

Last month we launched a new and improved version of DataCamp for Business. We also shared this post highlighting some new improvements including the ability to measure group progress, set assignments, manage deadlines and more! Now you can take a peek for yourself with our new DataCamp for Business video

About DataCamp for Business

DataCamp is the first online learning platform that focuses on building the best learning experience specifically for R and Python for Data Science. For $300/seat/year your team will get access to over 350 video’s and 3000 interactive exercises, totaling over 150 hours of engaging content covering every step of the data science workflow.

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We have trained over 500,000 (aspiring) data scientists in over 150 countries and have partnerships with top instructors, including Hadley Wickham, Max Kuhn, Matt Dowle, and more! Our interactive courses see completion rates that are 6x higher than traditional online classes meaning your team will be engaged and motivated to complete their training. 

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