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This cheat sheet is a quick reference for data wrangling with Pandas, complete with code samples.
In episode 12 of DataChats, Lore from DataCamp talks with David Stoffer about his latest course ARIMA Modeling with R and more.
New DataChats episode - Interview with Ben Wilson
The differences between data engineers and data scientists explained: responsibilities, tools, languages, job outlook, salary, etc.
We are launching our new course Unsupervised Learning in Python by Benjamin Wilson!
Announcing: DataCamp for the classroom, a new free plan for Academics.
This Matplotlib cheat sheet introduces you to the basics that you need to plot your data with Python and includes code samples.
DataChats Episode 10, an interview with Clifford Ang, Vice President at Compass Lexecon. He's an expert who specializes in valuation, corporate finance, and damages.