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They say that 80% of data has a spatial component. Everything happens somewhere. Learn to extract information from spatial data in our new course "Spatial Statistics in R"!
New course launched today! Learn how to train, evaluate and make predictions with different regression models. Continue your journey into machine learning.
DataCamp's newest course Data Types for Data Science will help you consolidate and practice your knowledge of data types! This course is taught by DataCamp instructor Jason Myers.
Upskill existing employees with DataCamp is an affordable way to ensure your team stays ahead of the curve in advanced analytics and data science.
A curated collection of data science coding walkthroughs to get some hands-on experience solving real world problems!
DataCamp's newest R course will teach you the main techniques to speed up your data analysis in R by reducing computational time. Writing Efficient R code by Colin Gillespie.
7 Reasons why you should practice Data Science daily with our new Practice Mode!
Some highlights and insights from the useR!2017 conference, which took place in Brussels from the 4th until the 7th of July 2017.