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Learn to explore and analyze networks, whether they be social, transportation, or biological in "Network Analysis in Python (Part 2)", the continuation of Eric Ma's first course.
Our "Data Visualization in R with Lattice" course will introduce you to the lattice package, which implements Trellis graphics for R, and illustrates its basic use.
Learn how the University of Notre Dame is Creating a Best-in-Class Online Masters in Data Science Program with DataCamp.
Get started on time series in R with this xts cheat sheet, with code examples.
Some insights about what we learned from teaching data science to 1 million people
A discussion of the evolution of and some of the key differences between IPython and Jupyter.
An interview with Daniel Chen, creator of the "Cleaning Data with Python" course, about learning Python or R for data science, the best paths to becoming a data scientist,...
Make your own neural networks with this Keras cheat sheet to deep learning in Python for beginners, with code samples.