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This course is an introduction to the R programming language, focused on the Tidyverse!
Discover the scope of Python for research, why scientists should use Python for scientific computing and how the Python community can effectively aid scientific research.
Recap of DataCamp's first live coding session. Here you will find all the resources needed to recreate Hugo's data science pipeline to plot word frequency distribution in novels!
A Data Science pipeline Live Coding session on Facebook by DataCamp’s very own Hugo Bowne-Anderson.
Most of the useful data in the world, from economic data to news content to geographic information, lives somewhere on the internet - and this course will teach you how to access it. You'll explore how to work with APIs & more!
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Learn, Practice, Apply!

DataCamp's mission doesn't just stop with helping you learn, but goes beyond that: to help you attain proficiency, and apply the skills you have learned.
Discover how data scientists use the cloud to deploy data science solutions to production or to expand computing power.
Hone your applied data science skills in Python by doing a variety of case studies across multiple disciplines. Use data science to solve real-world problem in our latest course!