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Did you know DataCamp recently released two new exercise types? Discover the tab- and bullet exercises in this post!
In the data science podcast DataFramed, Hugo Bowne-Anderson interviews industry experts on what data science is, what problems it tries to solve and what it looks like in practice.
Master data science on the go with DataCamp Mobile, a Duolinguo-style app, which offers bite-sized lessons you can complete in 5 minutes or less!
Which kinds of exercises can be used to check that students are actually learning how to program, let them practice their new skills, and keep them engaged?
Join us for our next live code-along session where Hugo will introduce you DataCamp’s latest product: Projects.
With this Python cheat sheet, you'll have a handy reference guide to importing your data, from flat files to files native to other software, and relational databases.
Our newest R course has been released!