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This R Markdown tutorial shows you how to make reports straight from your R code, documenting your works as an HTML, pdf or Word document.
The R training path will take you from understanding the basics of R, over manipulating and visualizing your data with R, to doing big data.
This course focuses on statisticians, data analysts, academic institutions, and companies that are switching from SAS, SPSS or STATA to R.
With this Revolution R Enterprise tutorial you learn how to handle large datasets, and how to manipulate, visualize and analyze big datasets.
This ggvis tutorial teaches data visualizations with the ggvis package. Understand the grammar of graphics to create customized graphics
This dplyr tutorial for R focuses on the five dplyr verbs, as well as groupwise operations, the pipe operator and the tbl structure.
In this introduction to statistics with R course, you learn to do statistical analysis with R. Get a 75% student discount and free trial.
Complete data.table tutorial to bring your data analysis skill-set up to date with the essentials of the powerful data.table package.