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What is the role of data science in product development at Github? What does building data products at Github actually looks like?
Utilize different skill sets such as data manipulation, data visualization, & importing/cleaning data. All while trying to decipher whether the Nobel Prize is biased in any certain way.
Get a quick glance at what this new course will teach you, and how you can implement what you learn to your job.
What are best practices for organizing data science teams? Having data scientists distributed through companies or having a Centre of Excellence? What are the most important skills for data scientists? Is the ability to use the most sophisticated deep learning models more important than being able to make good powerpoint slides?
Learn about what has recently changed in data science and what its future holds. See how these changes could affect your company.
Learn how DataCamp's autograder is helping to teach R, and how to put testwhat functions to work.
What are the biggest challenges currently facing data security and privacy? Is data anonymization actually possible or a pipe dream?
How can spreadsheet workflows be incorporated into more general data science flows in sustainable and healthy ways?