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In this episode of DataFramed, we speak with Shameek Kundu, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Financial Services at TruEra Inc about Scaling AI Adoption throughout financial services.
You’ve learned how to use Python to collect data—now it’s time to learn how to present it! With our new course in Dash, you’ll learn the ins and outs of building dashboards with Python’s most popular visualization tool!
Did you know that data visualization has origins in military healthcare reforms? In this blog post, we discuss how the famous nurse Florence Nightingale used charts to demonstrate her life-saving work to her target audience.
Become a data-driven marketer: Learn about our newest no-code course, which will show you how as a marketer you can use data to better understand your customers and drive business growth.
From how to share your data science certificate on LinkedIn to other data science job hunting tips, find out how to get a data science job after getting certified!
In this episode of DataFramed, we speak with Syafri Bahar, VP of Data Science at Gojek about building high-performing data teams, and how data science is central to Gojek’s success.
In this quarterly digest, we bring you the best news and success stories from DataCamp Donates and our partners—read on to find out more about the good causes your subscription is helping to support!
Discover how Power BI can be leveraged to generate high-impact data visualizations and stories to drive scalable data-driven decision making in your organization.