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This post lays out some helpful advice for organizing and running an R demo at your organization.
In DataCamp's latest course "Introduction to Portfolio Analysis in R, you'll learn to use the R package PerformanceAnalytics to analyze portfolio returns and much more!
Check out Alexander D'Amour's talk on how to use player tracking data and R to do basketball analytics
Check out this Introduction to R course, translated by our friend and DataCamp user Tony Yao-Jen Kuo to Traditional Chinese!
New Free Course: Introduction to Python & Machine Learning (with Analytics Vidhya Hackathons)
In "Statistical Inference with swirl", you'll learn about probability, expected values, and variance, and practice confidence intervals, power and sampling techniques and more!
The DataCamp team is excited to announce another course using the swirl package. This free course adapts the Exploratory Data Analysis curriculum from swirl to the interactive DataCamp in-browser interface. No set-up needed!
Interview with Manuel Ebert, Founding Partner at The interview was conducted at ODSC East 2016 in Boston.