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Announcing: DataCamp for the classroom, a new free plan for Academics.
DataChats Episode 10, an interview with Clifford Ang, Vice President at Compass Lexecon. He's an expert who specializes in valuation, corporate finance, and damages.
This new Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 2) course with case study by Hugo Bowne-Anderson will introduce you to the wonderful world of iterators and comprehensions.
Check out our newest infographic comparing the roles of a Data Engineer and a Data Scientist
Episode 9 of DataChats with Dhavide Aruliah! Hugo and Dhavide talk about making the course pandas Foundation, his work at Continuum Analytics and his path to Python.
Episode 8 of DataChats: Ben Baumer, Assistant Professor in the Statistical & Data Sciences Program, at Smith College talks about his path to teaching and data science.
Learn more about our four new Introduction to Stats courses and our modern approach to teaching statistics with the use of simulation and randomization.
DataChats is a show where we interview influential people in the data science community. This week: Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel.