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Learn how to become a DataCamp project instructor and have your project launch in January 2019.
Cathy, the author of Weapons of Math Destruction, will discuss how societal biases are perpetuated by algorithms and how both transparency and auditability of algorithms will be necessary for a fairer future.
Wes McKinney, Director of Ursa Labs, talks about data science tool building, what it took to get pandas off the ground and how he approaches building “human interfaces to data” to make individuals more productive.
Angela Bassa, the Director of Data Science at iRobot, talks about how to get into data science management, how to hire data scientists, and much more.
Peter Bull, a data scientist for social good and co-founder of Driven Data, talks about the importance of human-centered design in data science.
Arnaub, a Senior Expert and Associate Partner in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Products group at McKinsey & Company, discusses cutting through the hype about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in healthcare.
In this blog post, learn how DataCamp uses students feedback to maintain and improve the quality of content.