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This cheat sheet is a quick reference for data wrangling with Pandas, complete with code samples.
Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal, Regional Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Allianz Benelux, discusses the importance of building data cultures and his experiences operationalizing data culture transformation programs.
This PySpark cheat sheet with code samples covers the basics like initializing Spark in Python, loading data, sorting, and repartitioning.
This PySpark SQL cheat sheet is your handy companion to Apache Spark DataFrames in Python and includes code samples.
Becoming a data-driven organization can significantly help you make more effective resource allocation decisions, but this requires nurturing and fostering a company-wide data culture. Here’s a rundown of various data science practices that you can quickly adapt to start extracting value for your organization
As AI continuously evolves, managing data skills is a key element if you want to succeed in the fast-changing AI landscape. This blog post compiles the best management practices for large-scale AI projects.
We recently hosted a fireside chat with AI Singapore to discuss how they are developing an AI fluent nation with national upskilling programs.