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Danny Kaplan teaches statistics, applied math, and computing at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is active nationally in statistics education reform and the author of "Statistical Modeling: A Fresh Approach." This interview has been edited for clarity and flow.
A tutorial on importing data, data manipulation and data visualization will teach you how to “cut through the noise” and deliver useful metrics for finding a great place to eat on Friday night!
DrivenData Water Pumps Challenge interactive tutorial on DataCamp
Announcing updates to our Intro to Statistics with R series
In this free Kaggle tutorial, you'll learn how basic machine learning techniques in Python can help you to make better predictions on the Titanic data set.
New course launch: Having fun with googleVis.
New: Spanish and French Translations of Introduction to R
The Cleaning Data In R course teaches you how to get from raw data to awesome insights as quickly and painlessly as possible.