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Technical architecture of Rdocumentation: the only R Documentation and R Manuals aggregator for Cran, GitHub and Bioconductor.
Rdocumentation is the only aggregator combining the R documentation and R manuals of CRAN, Bioconductor and GitHub into one searchable site.
R is becoming the standard in statistics. But how fast is it growing looking at the need for R tutorials? A check via DataCamp user stats.
Coupling the Angular.js framework with other JavaScript frameworks like MathJax is not that easy. Learn here MathJax binding in Angular.js.
Learn everything on the new DataCamp design, and navigate between 60 hours of interactive R tutorials to continue your data science career.
OpenIntro statistics covers a wide range of material on statistics such as videos, textbooks, and interactive R tutorials and courses.
Get notified when R packages documentation and manuals are updated via the free email service of Rdocumentation.