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Get your data engineering function ahead of the curve with orchestration platforms, data discovery engines, and data lakehouses.
Add Tableau to your data analyst skill set. Learn to use this BI platform and pass the Desktop Specialist Certification exam with DataCamp.
Discover DataCamp’s major milestones from the past 12 months and review our top five tracks, assessments, and much more.
Is your New Year’s resolution to land a data role or get to the next level in your career? Tell the world that you’re a data enthusiast by updating your LinkedIn cover image.
DataCamp is hosting a monthly webinar in series in 2021 focused on scaling data science and building organization-wide data fluency with our IPTOP Framework.
In 2021 and beyond, we’ll see better tooling across the spectrum of data fluency, higher emphasis on skills, and greater access to data across organizations.
How Felix Ayoola, a student and graphic designer in Nigeria, helped over 1,500 learners get free access to data skills training.