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Gabriel Straub, the Head of Data Science and Architecture at the BBC, talks about data science and machine learning at the BBC and how they can impact content discoverability.
Brandeis Marshall, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Spelman College, will discuss the biggest barriers to entry for people of color in data science, initiatives that currently exist and what we as a community can do to be as diverse and inclusive as possible.
Uncover insights about football's biggest game of the year in the age of TV and extravagant halftime shows in DataCamp's newest Project.
With significant growth investment from Spectrum Equity, DataCamp expands curriculum and enterprise features.
Learn how to become a DataCamp project instructor and have your project launch in January 2019.
Cathy, the author of Weapons of Math Destruction, will discuss how societal biases are perpetuated by algorithms and how both transparency and auditability of algorithms will be necessary for a fairer future.
Wes McKinney, Director of Ursa Labs, talks about data science tool building, what it took to get pandas off the ground and how he approaches building “human interfaces to data” to make individuals more productive.