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statistical modeling

Basic Statistics


This course complements course material from the University of Amsterdam's Basic Statistics at Coursera ( The Basic Statistics course is roughly based on the syllabus used by the department of Child Development and Educational Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (produced by A. van Maanen, A.A.J. van Peet, N. Borgers, E. Gebhardt, N. Lagerweij, R. Stoel, G. van de Wittenboer, F.J. Oort, P.J. Hoffenaar, and B.J.H. Zijlstra.)

The Basics of R

This lab is about teaching enough R to start using it for statistical analyses.

Introduction to R continued

This lab continues with an introduction to R

Exploring Data

Getting to grips with your data

Correlation and Regression

Looking at the relationships between two variables.


Understanding the basics of probability

Probability distributions

This lab treats probability distributions with an emphasis on the normal and binomial distributions.

Sampling distributions

This lab explores population and sampling distributions

Confidence Intervals

Calculating the interval where a value falls

Hypothesis testing

This lab treats the concept of hypothesis testing for both binomial and normally distributed variables