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Big Data Analysis with Revolution R Enterprise

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Open Course Description

Revolution R Enterprise allows R users to process, visualize, and model terabyte-class data sets at a fraction of the time of legacy products without requiring expensive or specialized hardware. Introductory course for accomplished R users to experience the functionality of Revolution R Enterprise.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Introduction to the RevoScaleR package that ships with Revolution R Enterprise. We discuss the challenges associated with dealing with Big Data and how the functions and algorithms in RevoScaleR address them.

Chapter 2: Data Exploration

Intro to the RevoScaleR functions used to explore large datasets. Learn how to use these functions to summarize, cross-tabulate, and visualize variables in large datasets.

Chapter 3: Data Manipulation

Get introduced to the RevoScaleR functions used to manipulate and transform large datasets. Perform simple and complex transformations, and experiment with these via interactive exercises.

Chapter 4: Data Analysis

Learn about the RevoScaleR functions used to analyze large datasets. Use these functions to perform analyses such as linear and logistic regression, k-means clustering, and decision tree estimation.

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Revolution Analytics
Revolution Analytics was founded in 2007 to foster the R Community, as well as support the growing needs of commercial users. Our name derives from combining the letter "R" with the word "evolution." It speaks to the ongoing development of the R language from an open-source academic research tool into commercial applications for industrial use. Through our Revolution R products, we aim to make the power of predictive analytics accessible to every type of user & budget. We provide free and premium software and services that bring high-performance, productivity and ease-of-use to R -- enabling statisticians and scientists to derive greater meaning from large sets of critical data in record time.