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Big Data Analysis with Revolution R Enterprise


Revolution R Enterprise allows R users to process, visualize, and model terabyte-class data sets at a fraction of the time of legacy products without requiring expensive or specialized hardware. Introductory course for accomplished R users to experience the functionality of Revolution R Enterprise.

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Introduction to the RevoScaleR package that ships with Revolution R Enterprise. We discuss the challenges associated with dealing with Big Data and how the functions and algorithms in RevoScaleR address them.

Data Exploration

Intro to the RevoScaleR functions used to explore large datasets. Learn how to use these functions to summarize, cross-tabulate, and visualize variables in large datasets.

Data Manipulation

Get introduced to the RevoScaleR functions used to manipulate and transform large datasets. Perform simple and complex transformations, and experiment with these via interactive exercises.

Data Analysis

Learn about the RevoScaleR functions used to analyze large datasets. Use these functions to perform analyses such as linear and logistic regression, k-means clustering, and decision tree estimation.