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Data Exploration With Kaggle Scripts


In this course you will begin learning the art and science of data exploration. You'll also become familiar with some of the most widely used visualization packages in data science. You'll get the chance to explore a number of fun & interesting datasets such as the 2013 American Community Survey, pigeon racing data, data on the length of chopsticks and Marijuana prices in the US. After completing the course, you'll be able to upload your first Kaggle Script.

Bonus Chapter: Once you have finished your exercises on DataCamp it's time to start building a data science portfolio with your new skills! In this bonus chapter, you'll be given the chance to publish analyses on Kaggle Scripts that you've personalized with information from your own life. To start each exercise, follow the link to a script that has been created by Kaggle CTO Ben Hamner. Review the code or output to find instructions for creating a custom analysis. Then click Fork on the script to create an editable copy and get started.

Analyzing the 2013 American Community Survey

In this first chapter you will use data from the 2013 American Community Survey to figure out whether it makes sense to pursue a PhD or not. The end result of this chapter will be your own Kaggle script that you can add to your Kaggle account.

Pigeons, Chopsticks, Spanish Silver and Marijuana

Analyze pigeon racing data, discover the optimal size for your chopsticks, plot Spanish silver production in the 18th century and map the average price of marijuana in the different states of the US.