Episode 62

From Predictions to Decisions (with Dan Becker)

May 17th, 2021
machine learning

Dan Becker deep dives into the intersection of decision sciences and machine learning, how data teams can go from experimentation and deployment to providing value at scale for organizations, and more!

About Dan Becker

Dan Becker became a professional data scientist in 2012 when he finished 2nd (out of 1353 teams) in a Kaggle competition with a $3Million grand prize. Since then, he's consulted for 6 companies in the Fortune 100, served as product director in the early days of DataRobot and worked at Google. Dan has also made open source contributions to Keras and TensorFlow.

Dan thinks simulation and decision theory will be as important in the next five years as deep learning has been in the past five years, and he founded Decision AI to help data scientists use these techniques.