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R documentation and R manuals rankings: the Rdocumentation poster

August 4th, 2014 in R Programming

Especially for useR! 2014 we created a poster on, our R documentation aggregator that lets you search  R documentation and R manuals from CRAN, Bioconductor and GitHub. We received a lot of positive and valuable feedback on it, so we decided to share it again via our blog. R documentation and R manualsThe Rdocumentation poster answers questions on  R documentation and R manuals such as:

  • What are the 10 most downloaded R packages of all time?
  • Who maintains the most  packages?
  • What are the most popular task views, and how did this ranking change over time?
  • How popular is GitHub in the R community?
  • ...
So if you  did not make it to the useR! 2014 conference, or in case you could not attend the Wednesday evening poster session, you hereby have another chance to have a detailed look at the poster.  Feedback and questions can be sent to free to  share it with your network!On Rdocumentation is a web application that helps you to easily find and browse the documentation of  R documentation and R manuals on CRAN, Bioconductor and GitHub. It enables you to instantly search for functions and use advanced search on the documentation of all R packages.


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