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You have a certification need that increasingly goes further than completion certificates. Therefore, powered by DataCamp’s technology, Anaconda has built a data science certification system that can be trusted both by the data science community and employers alike.

Trustworthy and credible

Human reviewers verify the test taker’s identity and make sure all test requirements are met.


Powered by DataCamp’s technology, tests accurately assess skill by relying on multiple Challenges and a Project.

Towards an industry standard

Developed by industry reference Anaconda as a solution broadly carried by businesses and the data science community alike.

Intuitive and Affordable

Quick setup
Quick setup (10 minutes)

Set up your test environment in just minutes and without special materials.

Intuitive online test-environment
Intuitive online test-environment

Use a test environment based on DataCamp’s intuitive interface, all in your browser so you don’t have to leave your home or office.


Get a credible, human-reviewed certificate at the fraction of the price of a bootcamp or college credential.

Fast and Shareable
Fast and Shareable

Take the test when you want, get results within 4 weeks, and share with as many businesses or peers as you want.

What would you like to certify yourself in?

Certification topics may be completed in any order.

Data Import and Export

Data can be stored many ways, such as in spreadsheets, databases and files, and can live in different places, such as on a local machine or in “the cloud”. This creates a challe...

Data Manipulation and Analysis

The vast majority of a Data Scientist’s day is spent cleaning and transforming data, otherwise known as manipulating, so that it can be analyzed properly. Data manipulation requ...

Data Visualization

One of the most important, but also most overlooked skills in Data Science is data visualization. Good data visualizations help you effectively and efficiently communicate the i...

Statistical Analysis and Inference

Extracting insights from a dataset requires accurate analysis and meaningful interpretation of the data. The most important insights are often derived from statistical analysis ...

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the most demanded skills in the Data Science industry. Machine Learning involves teaching computers how to “learn” to make fast predictions or general...

Data Science at Scale

Data is becoming bigger and bigger, big enough that it cannot fit on a single machine, but may require multiple servers. Storing, retrieving, and analyzing “big data” requires s...

Anaconda Foundations

Using the Anaconda Python distribution along with Anaconda Project resource bundler and Anaconda Cloud, provides a jump start on creating and sharing reproducible tools, librari...

Comprehensive Project

Becoming a Data Scientist requires the skills to work with data from start to finish. A good Data Scientist knows how to import, clean, explore, visualize, and analyze the data ...

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