Success Metrics For Your Data Program

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It can be challenging getting a data program off the ground, but without one your business may be stuck trusting gut instincts. To learn how you can implement and measure a successful data-driven culture DataCamp’s Richie Cotton speaks with Rachel Alt-Simmons, Head of Strategic Design, Data, Pricing and Analytics at AXA XL.

Join us and learn:

  • How AXA XL measure the success of their data team

  • The unexpected relationship between design and data

  • How other teams measure the success of a data team

  • Why it’s essential that data teams interact with other teams and customers

Read about AXA XL's Analytic DNA here.

Richie Cotton

Curriculum Architect at DataCamp

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Rachel Alt-Simmons

Head of Strategic Design, Data, Pricing & Analytics at AXA XL

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