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Connecting Data in Tableau

13 reviews

Learn to connect Tableau to different data sources and prepare the data for a smooth analysis.

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Course Description

Great Analysis begins with Great Data

But how do you connect Tableau to your databases and other file types, so that you can build a view and analyze your data? In this course, you'll learn how to use connectors in Tableau to create a live connection to CSV and Excel files.

Combine Multiple Data Sources

Through hands-on exercises, you’ll also learn how to combine multiple data tables with joins, unions, and relationships.

Finally, you'll learn to manage different data properties, like renaming data fields, assigning aliases, changing data types, and changing default properties for a data field.
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    Combining and Saving Data


    In this chapter, you'll learn how to combine data from different sources using joins, unions, and relationships. You'll also discover the difference between extracts and live connections. Finally, you'll learn how to save your work in Tableau.

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    Combining data tables
    50 xp
    Joins and unions
    100 xp
    Unioning tables
    50 xp
    Combining time data
    100 xp
    Editing the union
    100 xp
    Joining tables
    50 xp
    Returned orders
    100 xp
    Sales representatives
    100 xp
    50 xp
    Functionality of relationships
    50 xp
    Establishing a relationship
    50 xp
    Relationship to manufacturers
    100 xp
    Worst products
    100 xp
    50 xp
    Creating extracts
    50 xp
    Tableau file types
    100 xp
    Extract or live connection
    100 xp

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Sara Billen HeadshotSara Billen

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from 13 reviews
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  • Nikos V.
    7 months

    as good as expected!!!

  • Mahmoud S.
    10 months

    Its really good but it need more exercises

  • Dwi A.
    11 months

    Very helping for understanding tableau features

  • Mingming Z.
    11 months


  • Szymon K.
    over 1 year


"as good as expected!!!"

Nikos V.

"Its really good but it need more exercises"

Mahmoud S.

"Very helping for understanding tableau features"

Dwi A.

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