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Sampling in Python

Learn to draw conclusions from limited data using Python and statistics. This course covers everything from random sampling to stratified and cluster sampling.

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Course Description

Sampling in Python is the cornerstone of inference statistics and hypothesis testing. It's a powerful skill used in survey analysis and experimental design to draw conclusions without surveying an entire population. In this Sampling in Python course, you’ll discover when to use sampling and how to perform common types of sampling—from simple random sampling to more complex methods like stratified and cluster sampling. Using real-world datasets, including coffee ratings, Spotify songs, and employee attrition, you’ll learn to estimate population statistics and quantify uncertainty in your estimates by generating sampling distributions and bootstrap distributions.

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    Bias Any Stretch of the Imagination


    Learn what sampling is and why it is so powerful. You’ll also learn about the problems caused by convenience sampling and the differences between true randomness and pseudo-randomness.

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    Living the sample life
    50 xp
    Reasons for sampling
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    Simple sampling with pandas
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    Simple sampling and calculating with NumPy
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    A little too convenient
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    Are the findings from this sample generalizable?
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    Are these findings generalizable?
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    How does Sue do sampling?
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    Generating random numbers
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    Understanding random seeds
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Coffee ratingsSpotify song attributesEmployee attrition


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