Introduction to AWS Boto in Python

Learn about AWS Boto and harnessing cloud technology to optimize your data workflow.
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Course Description

What if you were no longer constrained by the capabilities of your laptop? What if you could get an SMS when a city garbage truck camera spots a missing a cat? This is all possible with cloud technology. This course will teach you how to integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) into your data workflow. You’ll learn how to upload data to S3, AWS cloud storage. You’ll use triggers from your analysis to send text messages with AWS SNS. You will use Rekognition to detect objects in an image. And you will use Comprehend to decide if a piece of feedback is negative. By the time you’re done, you will learn how to build a pipeline, subscribe people to it, and send them text messages when an image contains a cat!

  1. 1

    Putting Files in the Cloud!

    Embark on the world of cloud technology! From learning how AWS works to creating S3 buckets and uploading files to them. You will master the basics of setting up AWS and uploading files to the cloud!
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    Sharing Files Securely.

    Continue your journey in mastering AWS by learning how to upload and share files securely. You will learn how set files to be public or private, and cap off what you learned by generating web-based reports!
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    Reporting and Notifying!

    Next, you will learn how to automate sharing your findings with the world by building notification triggers for your analysis! You will learn how to harness AWS to send SMS and email notifications to users and cap off what you learned by making custom notifications depending on a user's needs.
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    Pattern Rekognition

    Finally, you will go beyond uploading, sharing and notifying into rekognizing using AWS Rekognition and other AWS machine learning services to recognize cats, translate language and detect sentiment. You will be capping off your learning journey by applying a real-world use case that mixes everything you've learned!
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