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Cleaning Data in R

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Nick Carchedi
Nick Carchedi

Prior to leading the Course Development team at DataCamp, Nick earned his master's degree at Johns Hopkins Biostatistics and worked as a data scientist for McKinsey. Nick's passion for teaching data science began in graduate school, where was heavily involved in tutoring fellow students, developing the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization, and building the swirl R package.


Jeff Paadre Jeff Paadre

Course Description

It's commonly said that data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning and manipulating data and only 20% of their time actually analyzing it. For this reason, it is critical to become familiar with the data cleaning process and all of the tools available to you along the way. This course provides a very basic introduction to cleaning data in R, so that you can get from raw data to awesome insights as quickly and painlessly as possible!