Building a Scalable Data Strategy With IPTOP

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In this webinar, Dr. Hugo Bowne-Anderson, data scientist and educator at DataCamp, will talk you through how to build a scalable data strategy utilizing the principles of IPTOP (Infrastructure, People, Tools, Organization, and Processes). As you grow your business, organization, data science projects, and data strategy, how do you make sure these scale as seamlessly and with as little extra overhead as possible? Hugo posits that you’re most of the way there if you get all the components of IPTOP right. To demonstrate this, he’ll walk you through several examples, such as Netflix, Airbnb, and DataCamp, to identify the moving parts necessary to build a scalable data strategy with IPTOP.

You can find the slides here.

Dr. Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Data Scientist at DataCamp

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