Fireside chat with Zach Deane-Mayer: On data science, GPT-3 and more


Data science and machine learning have fundamentally changed how we make decisions, build products, and automate workflows and processes. In this fireside chat, Zach Deane-Mayer, Vice President of Data Science at DataRobot, will walk us through the use-cases where data science and machine learning have driven the most value for organizations. He will also share his insight on new developments in machine learning, like Open-AI's GPT-3 model and the use of deep-learning for tabular data, and comment on the rise of automated machine learning with his work on DataRobot.

Adel Nehme Headshot
Adel Nehme

Data Science Evangelist

Data evangelist at DataCamp | Host of the DataFramed podcast
Zach Deane-Mayer Headshot
Zach Deane-Mayer

VP of Data Science at DataRobot

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