Going Beyond FAQ Assistants

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AI assistants are one of the most in-demand topics in the tech industry right now. As technology consistently improves and data becomes more available, companies strive to keep up by building their own conversational software. When built well, AI assistants provide great strategic business value and are fun to interact with. However, the majority of assistants built to date are developed using a simple set of rules or a state machine and don’t go beyond simple FAQ interactions. The result doesn’t scale in production and often provides a rather disappointing user experience.

Rasa Developer Advocate Justina Petraityte challenges the baseline approach of chatbot development by introducing machine learning-based methods for dialogue management. Justina covers the fundamentals of conversational AI, as well as machine learning behind natural language understanding and dialogue management. Finally, Justina introduces you to the Rasa Stack—an open source framework which empowers developers around the world to build their own conversational AI without any black-box tools or limitations.

You can find the slides here.

Justina Petraityte

Rasa Developer Advocate

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