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Everyone Can Learn Python

Looking to get started in data science? This is your chance to learn Python online and use your new skills to win $5,000 to support further learning, buy equipment and software, or fund your educational projects.

Terms and Conditions


for the winner to use towards further learning or formal education


for 5 runners up to support their education

How to Apply

1Fill out the form

Submit your information via our scholarship application form.


Sign up to DataCamp to see the competition. The challenge is based on skills you can learn in the free Introduction to Python and Introduction to SQL courses.


Go to the scholarship submission page and submit your entry before the application deadline.

Practice to Win

We recommend that you take 2 introductory courses before you get started with your entry, but you may also want to check out some projects to practice your Python skills before you get started.

Application Dates

Applications will be open from 1st September, 2022 until 31st March, 2023. The scholarship winner and runners up will be announced on or around 1st May, 2023, and will be directly contacted before this date.


Entrants must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for this scholarship, and currently enrolled in secondary school, post-secondary school, or a postgraduate degree program. Please see terms and conditions for further details and exclusions.

Selecting the Recipients

The entrant who scores the highest in the scholarship challenge will be deemed the winner - please see the scholarship application page for a full breakdown of the marking criteria. In the event of a tie, DataCamp reserves the right to determine a winner based on other criteria, such as XP.

Why Learn Python?

Student learning
Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world. Its readability, easy to follow system, and pre-programmed syntax have made it a developer and data science favorite, and it's opened up great career opportunities for thousands of people worldwide. It's an excellent way to dip your toe into learning programming languages or add another skill to your existing repertoire.

Python's simple and intuitive syntax makes it easy to learn, even for beginners with no prior coding experience. As a result, you'll be able to master it much faster than other programming languages and be well on your way to a potential career in data science, digital marketing, machine learning, or data analysis.
Student learning

Let's do some data science

Terms and Conditions