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Analysis in Excel

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Course Description

Build Strong Excel Skills

Excel is the world’s most popular data analysis tool. Companies and institutions worldwide use it to transform mountains of raw data into clear insights. Strong Excel skills can open new career paths, make you more employable in various industries, and save hours in your daily tasks.

Practice Using Excel with Real-World Data

In this course, you’ll develop employable data analyst skills, starting with the Excel basics, what it can do, and the data analysis steps you should follow.

The chapters begin by exploring data; navigate your worksheet and trim and classify your data types. You’ll even work with real-world Kickstarter data to use your new-found Excel skills to analyze what makes a successful project.

Learn How to Use VLOOKUP

Later chapters in this course will teach you how to prepare your data by extracting text, preparing date data, and which Excel formulas can help. You’ll learn to use ‘the most important function in Excel’, VLOOKUP, to combine data from different sources before testing your understanding in hands-on exercises.

These Excel skills, functions, and time-saving shortcuts can be applied to any industry, whether you’re looking to move to a career in data analysis, or looking to improve your skills in marketing, finance, HR, logistics, and more.
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    Exploring Data


    In the first chapter, you’ll learn about the data analysis process, a framework that will help you transform raw data into information that is useful for decision-making. You will use Excel to start exploring the Kickstarter dataset.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Excel!
    50 xp
    What can Excel do?
    50 xp
    Data analysis steps
    100 xp
    Setting up your environment
    50 xp
    Navigating the worksheet
    50 xp
    Exploring data in Excel
    50 xp
    Looking for exact matches
    50 xp
    Trimming your data
    50 xp
    Sorting the table
    50 xp
    Nesting functions
    50 xp
    Understanding data types in Excel
    50 xp
    Classifying data types
    100 xp
    Changing to text
    50 xp
    Rounding values
    50 xp
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