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Mobile Games A/B Testing with Cookie Cats

Analyze an A/B test from the popular mobile puzzle game, Cookie Cats.

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Project Description

Cookie Cats is a hugely popular mobile puzzle game developed by Tactile Entertainment. It's a classic "connect three" style puzzle game where the player must connect tiles of the same color in order to clear the board and win the level. It also features singing cats. We're not kidding! Check out this short demo:

As players progress through the game they will encounter gates that force them to wait some time before they can progress or make an in-app purchase. In this project, we will analyze the result of an A/B test where the first gate in Cookie Cats was moved from level 30 to level 40. In particular, we will analyze the impact on player retention.

To complete this project, you should be comfortable working with pandas DataFrames and with using the pandas plot method. You should also have some understanding of hypothesis testing and bootstrap analysis. We recommend that you comple the following courses before taking on this project:

Project Tasks

  • 1 Of cats and cookies
  • 2 The AB-test data
  • 3 The distribution of game rounds
  • 4 Overall 1-day retention
  • 5 1-day retention by AB-group
  • 6 Should we be confident in the difference?
  • 7 Zooming in on the difference
  • 8 The probability of a difference
  • 9 7-day retention by AB-group
  • 10 Bootstrapping the difference again
  • 11 The conclusion
Rasmus Bååth
Rasmus Bååth

Senior Data Scientist at King (Activision Blizzard)

I'm a Data Scientist at King (Activision/Blizzard) and previously I've been an instructor at DataCamp. I once did a PhD in Cognitive Science at Lund University. I'm passionate about Bayesian statistics, good graphs and free coffee. Follow me @rabaath on Twitter or check out my blog, Publishable Stuff.

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Bret Romero
Bret Romero

Data Scientist at Tactile Entertainment

Brett Romero is a Data Scientist at Tactile Entertainment. He has previously worked for a range of organisations, including the United Nations Development Programme, Deloitte, and the Australian Taxation Office. You can follow him on Twitter at @mrbrettromero or read more about his work on his blog.

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