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Comparing Search Interest with Google Trends

Manipulate and plot time series data from Google Trends to analyze changes in search interest over time.

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Project Description

Time series data is everywhere; from temperature records, to unemployment rates, to the S&P 500 Index. Another rich source of time series data is Google Trends, where you can freely download the search interest of terms and topics from as far back as 2004. This project dives into manipulating and visualizing Google Trends data to find unique insights.

In this project’s guided variant, you will explore the search data underneath the Kardashian family's fame and make custom plots to find how the most famous Kardashian/Jenner sister has changed over time. In the unguided variant, you will analyze the worldwide search interest of five major internet browsers to calculate metrics such as rolling average and percentage change.

Project Tasks

  1. 1
    The sisters and Google Trends
  2. 2
    Better "kolumn" names
  3. 3
    Pesky data types
  4. 4
    From object to integer
  5. 5
    From object to datetime
  6. 6
    Set month as index
  7. 7
    The early Kim hype
  8. 8
    Kylie's rise
  9. 9
    Smooth out the fluctuations with rolling means
  10. 10
    Who's more famous? The Kardashians or the Jenners?


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