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Data Analysis in Google Sheets

Learn to use Google Sheets to clean, analyze, and draw insights from data. Discover how to sort, filter, and use VLOOKUP to combine data.

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Descripción del curso

Learn how to clear and analyze data in spreadsheets, discover how to use built-in functions to sort and filter data, and use the VLOOKUP function to combine data from different tables. The skills taught in the course can be applied to various industries, such as finance and marketing.

Perform Data Analysis in Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are the world's most popular data analytics tool. Companies and institutions worldwide use it to transform mountains of raw data into clear insights. Strong spreadsheet skills can open new career paths, make you more employable in various industries, and save hours in your daily tasks.

Clean and Analyze Real-World Data

The course begins by exploring how spreadsheets handle data. You’ll learn to summarize your data using statistics and manipulate it using handy built-in functions to sort, filter, and even extract unique values.

You'll explore the data behind the moons of the Solar System, clean and prepare data on the highest-grossing films, and analyze employee expenses, manufacturing costs, and educational programs to see how your new skills can be applied across industries.

Learn How to Use VLOOKUP

Later chapters in this course will teach you how to analyze your data, including using conditional functions, creating logical expressions, and performing conditional aggregation. You’ll also learn to use ‘the most important function in spreadsheets,’ VLOOKUP, to combine data from different tables before testing your understanding in hands-on exercises.

These spreadsheets skills, functions, and time-saving shortcuts can be applied to any industry, whether you’re looking to move to a career in data analysis, or looking to improve your skills in marketing, finance, HR, logistics, and more.

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  1. 1

    Exploring Data


    Learn how data analyst skills in spreadsheets can help you draw clearer insights from data. In this chapter, you'll learn how built-in functions can streamline your spreadsheet workflows and improve the readability of your formulas. You'll learn data exploration techniques, such as calculating summary statistics and manipulations like sorting and filtering.

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    Sorting and filtering
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    How big are Jupiter's moons?
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    Bringing order to the universe!
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  2. 2

    Cleaning and Preparing Data

    It is often said that data professionals spend 80% of their time cleaning data and only 20% analyzing it. In this chapter, you'll learn useful functions for cleaning text and DateTime data, two of the trickiest data types to clean. You'll extract date and time components, calculate intervals, and perform a host of common text manipulations on a dataset of the highest-grossing films.

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    Analyzing Data

    In this chapter, you'll learn to draw insights from your data. You'll perform complex calculations using conditional functions, logical expressions, and conditional aggregation functions. You'll also learn and apply the most important spreadsheet function: VLOOKUP!

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