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Level Difficulty in Candy Crush Saga

Analyze data from the hit mobile game, Candy Crush Saga.

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Project Description

Candy Crush Saga is a hit mobile game developed by King (part of Activision|Blizzard) that is played by millions of people all around the world.

In this Project, you will get to work with a real Candy Crush dataset and use this data to estimate level difficulty.

This Project assumes you can manipulate data frames using dplyr and make simple plots using ggplot2. You can learn these skills in Introduction to the Tidyverse.

Project Tasks

  • 1Candy Crush Saga
  • 2The data set
  • 3Checking the data set
  • 4Computing level difficulty
  • 5Plotting difficulty profile
  • 6Spotting hard levels
  • 7Computing uncertainty
  • 8Showing uncertainty
  • 9A final metric
  • 10Should our level designer worry?
Instructor Avatar
Rasmus Bååth

Senior Data Scientist at King (Activision Blizzard)

I'm a Data Scientist at King (Activision/Blizzard) and previously I've been an instructor at DataCamp. I once did a PhD in Cognitive Science at Lund University. I'm passionate about Bayesian statistics, good graphs and free coffee. Follow me @rabaath on Twitter or check out my blog, Publishable Stuff.

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Instructor Avatar
Xavier Guardiola

Lead Data Scientist at King (Activision Blizzard)

Xavier Guardiola is a PhD in Physics working now as lead data scientist at King, where he tries to make use of the data generated by millions of players to help making games even more fun. Before that, he was promoting and applying data science in several start-ups. You can follow him on Twitter at @xguardi.

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