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Introduction to Azure

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Learn about the power of Microsoft Azure and cloud computing software to help you improve your data engineering skills.

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Course Description

Begin your Azure Odyssey Unlock the vast realm of cloud computing with Microsoft Azure. Whether you are an IT enthusiast, developer, or just a cloud novice, this course unveils Azure, offering a roadmap to harness its myriad features seamlessly. You will grasp Azure's role in the cloud cosmos, dive into its diverse offerings, and understand where it stands in the global market.

Discover the key Azure building blocks You will decode core components like Azure Regions, Datacenters, and the innovative Azure Resource Manager. This course will help you quickly absorb the essence of Azure services and delve into Azure Compute, Virtual Networks, and more. Learn how they bolster data management by unpacking Azure's storage solutions like Blob Storage and Data Lake.

Master Azure management essentials Learn the key topics to become a master at handling Azure’s management tasks. Unravel Azure's security framework and its commitment to global compliance standards. Learn to balance between Azure’s resource richness and budget constraints. Grasp the ABCs of transitioning to Azure, ensuring a hiccup-free migration.

By the course's culmination, you will possess a solid Azure foundation.
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    Introduction to Azure Services


    Discover Azure's core essentials and its vast ecosystem. Begin your journey by understanding what Microsoft Azure is and what it offers. Get an overview of Azure’s core components and learn about the different services provided by Azure.

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    Introduction to Microsoft Azure
    50 xp
    Azure's cloud offering
    50 xp
    Navigating Azure
    50 xp
    Navigating Azure's services
    100 xp
    Benefits of cloud services
    100 xp
    A digital journey to Azure
    100 xp
    Azure's core components
    50 xp
    Identity and access management
    50 xp
    Creating your first resource
    50 xp
    Creating a virtual machine
    100 xp
    Resource Categorization
    100 xp
    Azure services overview
    50 xp
    Classify Different Services
    100 xp
    AI and ML Service Selection
    50 xp
    Azure serverless
    50 xp

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Azure Fundamentals


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  • Uchechi O.
    5 days

    Easy to understand and flow with.

  • Denise A.
    13 days


  • David S.
    22 days


  • Daniel R.
    about 1 month

    Great course

    2 months

    Introduction to Azure

"Easy to understand and flow with."

Uchechi O.


Denise A.


David S.


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