Project Description

Do women live longer than men? How long? Does it happen everywhere? Is life expectancy increasing? Everywhere? Which is the country with the lowest life expectancy? Which is the one with the highest? In this Project, you will answer all these questions by manipulating and visualizing United Nations life expectancy data using ggplot2. We recommend that you have completed Introduction to the Tidyverse and Chapter 2 of Cleaning Data in R before starting this Project.

The dataset can be found here and contains the average life expectancies of men and women by country (in years). It covers four periods: 1985-1990, 1990-1995, 1995-2000, and 2000-2005.

Project Tasks

  • 1 United Nations life expectancy data
  • 2 Life expectancy of men vs. women by country
  • 3 Visualize I
  • 4 Reference lines I
  • 5 Plot titles and axis labels
  • 6 Highlighting remarkable countries I
  • 7 How has life expectancy by gender evolved?
  • 8 Visualize II
  • 9 Reference lines II
  • 10 Highlighting remarkable countries II
Antonio Sánchez Chinchón
Antonio Sánchez Chinchón

Data Scientist at Telefónica

Antonio Sánchez Chinchón is mathematician and works as data scientist at Telefónica, where he tries hard to extract value from data every day. He is the creator of Fronkonstin, an unclassifiable blog of mathematical experiments, data science, data art and R programming. He plays the banjo in a rock band. You can follow him on Twitter @aschinchon.

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