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Rise and Fall of Programming Languages

Analyze the relative popularity of programming languages over time based on Stack Overflow data.

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Project Description

How can you tell what programming languages and technologies are used by the most people? How about what languages are growing and which are shrinking, so that you can tell which are most worth investing time in? One excellent source of data is Stack Overflow, a programming question and answer site with more than 16 million questions on programming topics. By measuring the number of questions about each technology, you can get an approximate sense of how many people are using it. In this project, you'll use open data from the Stack Exchange Data Explorer to examine the relative popularity of languages like R, Python, Java and Javascript have changed over time. This project lets you practice the skills from Introduction to the Tidyverse, including filtering, grouping and summarizing data, and visualizing with ggplot2.

Project Tasks

  • 1Data on tags over time
  • 2Now in fraction format
  • 3Has R been growing or shrinking?
  • 4Visualizing change over time
  • 5How about dplyr and ggplot2?
  • 6What are the most asked-about tags?
  • 7How have large programming languages changed over time?
  • 8Some more tags!
David Robinson

Chief Data Scientist, DataCamp

Dave uses data science in the fight against cancer on the Data Insights Engineering team at Flatiron Health. He has worked as a data scientist at DataCamp and Stack Overflow, and received his PhD in Quantitative and Computational Biology from Princeton University. Follow him at @drob on Twitter or on his blog, Variance Explained.

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