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Who's Tweeting? Trump or Trudeau?

Build a machine learning classifier that knows whether President Trump or Prime Minister Trudeau is tweeting!

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Project Description

Now that you've completed Natural Language Processing Fundamentals in Python, let's get started with applying our knowledge of text to a new domain: Twitter. Tweets are notoriously difficult, as they are shorter than most texts and usually have hard-to-parse content like hashtags, mentions, links and emoji.

Despite the difficulties, tweets are fun content, so in this notebook we'll take a look at classifying two prominent North American politicians. Can we determine if it is Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau based on just a tweet? Let's see!

Project Tasks

  • 1Tweet classification: Trump vs. Trudeau
  • 2Transforming our collected data
  • 3Vectorize the tweets
  • 4Training a multinomial naive Bayes model
  • 5Evaluating our model using a confusion matrix
  • 6Trying out another classifier: Linear SVC
  • 7Introspecting our top model
  • 8Bonus: can you write a Trump or Trudeau tweet?
Katharine Jarmul

Founder, kjamistan

Katharine Jarmul runs a data analysis company called kjamistan that specializes in helping companies analyze data and training others on data analysis best practices, particularly with Python. She has been using Python for 8 years for a variety of data work -- including telling stories at major national newspapers, building large scale aggregation software, making decisions based on customer analytics, and marketing spend and advising new ventures on the competitive landscape.

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