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Drunken Datetimes in Ames, Iowa

Apply your skills from "Working with Dates and Times in R" to breathalyzer data from Ames, Iowa.

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Project Description

In the Who Is Drunk and When in Ames, Iowa? project, you looked at breathalyzer test data from the State of Iowa. There was a lot of date-time manipulation that was hidden behind-the-scenes in that dataset. In this project, you will apply the skills you learned in the Working with Dates and Times in R course to uncover temporal trends in the Ames breath alcohol data.

Anyone with familiarity with the lubridate, dplyr, and ggplot2 packages will be able to complete this project successfully. You will manipulate the dates and times in the breath alcohol data to answer questions such as, "What day has the most tests?", "at which hour of the day are breath alcohol tests most common?", and "are blood alcohol content (BAC) results higher on days when Iowa State University's football team plays?"

Project Tasks

  • 1Just how thirsty *is* Thursday?
  • 2What makes Sunday so fun-day?
  • 3Trends in testing over time
  • 4College football
  • 5Home vs. away? Win vs. lose?
  • 6Monthly counts
  • 7VEISHEA: an old tradition
  • 8Looking at BAC
  • 9A more honest plot
  • 10The dangers of binge drinking
Samantha Tyner

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Iowa State University

Sam Tyner is a Postdoctoral Research Associate for the Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (a NIST center of excellence) working on human factors in statistical evidence presentation to juries, as well as outreach and education. She earned her PhD in Statistics at Iowa State University in 2017. You can find her on Twitter at @sctyner.

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